Our School

Principal’s Welcome

A warm welcome is extended to all children, their parents, extended families and friends to the St Michael’s school community. We acknowledge that parents are the children’s prime educators and consider ourselves privileged to work in this partnership.

We pride ourselves in providing quality education which nurtures each child’s spiritual and educational growth within a supportive and enriching environment. At St Michael’s, we place great emphasis on being the ‘face of Jesus’ to all we meet.

We accept that it is our responsibility to provide a balanced curriculum that is relevant to each child and will enable them to learn the skills and knowledge that are required in our contemporary world; caring, creative global citizens.

St Michael’s is a welcoming community of hope where young people have the opportunity to develop their full and individual potential.

Fr Laurence, the staff and I anticipate that all who become associated with St Michael’s will find it a secure, happy and exciting place to be.

I look forward to sharing your child’s educational journey with you.

Meredith Bennett


School Profile

St Michael’s Parish School is situated at 268 High Street, Ashburton, one kilometre west of Warrigal Road, and in close proximity to the Ashburton shopping centre and both the Alamein and Ashburton railway stations.

The student intake areas comprise parts of Ashburton, Glen Iris, Ashwood, Burwood, Solway and Alamein. These suburbs are predominantly residential areas.

St Michael’s fosters a nurturing, vibrant and spiritual learning environment. Our vision and mission statement are strongly linked to our Learning and Teaching Policy and in turn, our academic program. With the support of dedicated staff, students take ownership of their learning and are able to develop a strong sense of self through new learning experiences and the school’s feedback culture and practices.

The school is an integral part of the St Michael’s Parish community. Fr Laurence works with staff and parishioners to ensure that liturgical celebrations with children are festive, inclusive and meaningful. All families are warmly invited and encouraged to participate in the life of the Parish.

Our Vision

St Michael’s Parish School: A safe community of animated learners enlightened by faith in God.

Mission Statement

St Michael’s is a Catholic school where each of the following statements is considered of equal importance.

In the context of Our Vision, each child is encouraged to develop:

    • a sense of self-esteem, acceptance and resilience
    • an awareness of the uniqueness and worth of each individual as gifted and loved by God
    • an active participation in the life of the Faith community
    • an enthusiasm for learning
    • competence in all Key Learning Areas
    • the ability to be creative, imaginative and open to change
    • respect for self and others and
    • responsibility for their own decisions and actions
    • pastoral Care for all members of the school community is of prime importance
    • reconciliation/Forgiveness is taught and practised so joy can be expressed and affirmation can be given
    • children, parents and staff are nurtured in a faith environment so that they may grow in their relationship with God and each other
    • each child learns in a physically safe and emotionally secure environment where they feel accepted and challenged to work to their own potential
    • the individual needs and learning styles of each child is recognised and accommodated
    • each staff member works cooperatively with compassion and sensitively as a part of a team, while striving for professionalism, excellence and personal growth
    • we endeavour to recognise, respect, share and encourage the expertise and involvement of parents in the ongoing education of their children
    • we strive to give recognition to the educational needs of the financially disadvantaged in our Parish and act as their advocates

Annual Report

When reviewing our progress as a school, it is essential that we are always aware of, and united in, our school vision. As staff, we constantly refer to our vision; we endeavour to be true to it and live it. St Michael’s vision underlies every decision we make as a school community.


St Michael’s is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all our students and families. Please peruse the following school policies which are evaluated and ratified in accordance with our School Improvement plan review cycle.

St Michael’s Parish

Our wonderful St Michael’s Parish works in partnership with the school and provides many services, groups, gatherings and events. Please visit the Parish website for more information on how to get involved. All venue bookings should be made through the Parish office.

Parish Priest: Fr Laurence Cortez

Office Administrator: Valerie Scholast

Sacramental/Pastoral Coordinator: Jerene Dominic

Address: 268 High St, Ashburton VIC 3147

Phone (03) 9401 6345

Email: ashburton@cam.org.au

Website: www.stmichaelsashburton.org


All vacant positions will be advertised through the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) and Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM).

For all Student Placement, Pre-Service Teaching or Casual Relief Teaching (CRT) enquiries, please email our Deputy Principal, Anita Dell’Orso , at adellorso@smashburton.catholic.edu.au. All CRT enquiries should include a Cover Letter and an updated Resume including references. It is also a legal requirement to have a current Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) Registration to work as a teacher within Victorian schools. To be eligible to work as a CRT at St Michael’s, you must be able to produce your current VIT card.  Student Placement and Pre-Service Teaching positions require a current Working With Children Check card.

Grounds and Facilities

School Facilities

St Michael’s is fortunate to have many excellent indoor and outdoor facilities that the whole school community can utilise and enjoy. Students have found their classroom to be a stimulating learning space where they feel comfortable and ready to engage in the day’s activities. Each classroom has wireless connectivity and an interactive whiteboard. A variety of ICT devices and resources are also used to enhance the learning and teaching in the classroom.

St Michael’s facilities include:

  • The Hub (multi-purpose school hall)
  • Library/Resource Centre
  • Performing Arts Room
  • STEM Room
  • Language (Mandarin) Room
  • Reading Recovering Room
  • Supper Room
  • General Purpose Room
  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Playground

St Michael’s Learning Centre

St Michael’s reflects a student centred learning curriculum that is exciting, engaging, challenging and connected to issues that young people regard as meaningful. It implies a view of learning that requires students to be active, think creatively and solve problems. It also encompasses working in teams for collaborative and cooperative learning, using rich ICT and multimedia resources for personalised learning, specialisation according to student interest, and integration of authentic assessment for learning.

Our new Learning Centre considers a variety of complementary spaces that meet the diverse range of individuals’ learning and educational needs. The needs of parents and the wider community are also catered for in our design.

The St Michael’s Learning Centre includes:

  • 8 General Learning Studios
  • Black Box Theatre
  • Radio Station
  • Teacher Collaboration Areas
  • Internal Student Amenities
  • Tree House Spaces for Parent/Teacher/Child Reading and/or Literacy Sessions

Car Parking and School Entrance

St Michael’s has off street parking along Victory Blvd and Morotai Ave.  Vehicles may also park in the St Michael’s Church car park (enter via Victory Blvd).  The main school entrance is via High St.