Vision & Mission


St Michael’s Parish School: A safe community of animated learners enlightened by faith in God.


St Michael’s is a Catholic school where each of the following statements is considered of equal importance.

In the context of Our Vision, each child is encouraged to develop:

  • a sense of self-esteem, acceptance and resilience
  • an awareness of the uniqueness and worth of each individual as gifted and loved by God
  • an active participation in the life of the Faith community
  • an enthusiasm for learning
  • competence in all Key Learning Areas
  • the ability to be creative, imaginative and open to change
  • respect for self and others and
  • responsibility for their own decisions and actions
  • pastoral Care for all members of the school community is of prime importance
  • reconciliation/Forgiveness is taught and practised so joy can be expressed and affirmation can be given
  • children, parents and staff are nurtured in a faith environment so that they may grow in their relationship with God and each other
  • each child learns in a physically safe and emotionally secure environment where they feel accepted and challenged to work to their own potential
  • the individual needs and learning styles of each child is recognised and accommodated
  • each staff member works cooperatively with compassion and sensitively as a part of a team, while striving for professionalism, excellence and personal growth
  • we endeavour to recognise, respect, share and encourage the expertise and involvement of parents in the ongoing education of their children
  • we strive to give recognition to the educational needs of the financially disadvantaged in our Parish and act as their advocates


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